175 Snack Packs + Messages of Hope for Kids at DuPage Pads in IL


This week, amidst the busy storm season, our Illinois Team took time to assemble ‘Snack Packs’ and write messages of hope for kiddos receiving services from our local charitable partner DuPage Pads. Providing these kids with the same snack options as their classmates provides them with a sense of normalcy + demonstrates to them that there is an entire community behind them rooting for their success!

One of the many services provided by DuPage Pads are snack packs for school-aged kids! These snack packs include treats, activities and uplifting messages for the kiddos that receive them. It was an absolute honor to continue our partnership with them to provide these packs for deserving kids in our community! Providing them with the same snack options as their classmates and friends and showing them that their community supports them helps them feel included and gives them a sense of normalcy – something we all deserve!

Since 1985, DuPage Pads has been the largest provider of housing and support services in hopes of ending the homelessness cycle. They provide life and job coaching sessions, creative outlets for kids such as music therapy and acting classes, financial classes and so much more to help promote self-sufficiency for kids and families.

After assembly, we our team delivered the snack packs right to the DuPage Pads location! It was an exciting event for everyone, and we look forward to continuing the tradition as we carry out our core values at Legacy Restoration to give back to the communities we serve.