5 Concerns of a Leaking Roof

A leaking roof is not a household issue that should be taken lightly, and delaying repairs can ruin the integrity of your home.  Roof leaks can develop for a variety of reasons: improper roof installation, wind, hail or storm damage, or a lack of maintenance over a long period of time. Even a small roof leak can pose various safety and even health risks if left unattended to. When you have a leaking roof, it can either be time to repair the issues or replace the full roof. Water intrusion will eventually work down from the attic area to the very foundation of the house, which will lead to costly repairs.

Below is a list of issues that could be lying behind a leaking roof:

1. Attic & Ceiling Damage

The first issues coming from a roof leak would typically occur in the attic and harm items stored there. If there is no attic in the home or the size of the leak is larger, it can damage the interior ceiling. This will show as: darkened ceiling paint, darkened plaster, cracks, bubbling and/or a look of expansion to the affected ceiling area.

2. Fire Hazards

If your electrical wiring is present in an attic or ceiling, a leaking roof has the potential to shorten wires and cause a fire in the future.

3. Compromised structural integrity

The most common issues with a leaking roof include damage to the rafters, ceiling joists, wall framing, fascia boards and exterior trim. If left unattended over a period of time, roof leaks can lead to wood deterioration and weakened roof framing.

4. Interior Mold & Mildew

In the longer term, one of the most serious consequences of a leaking roof can be mold and mildew development. This can spread throughout the home’s structure, to the HVAC system and then to the rest of the house through the vents. Ridding your home of this to ensure health safety can be quite costly and for those who are sensitive to mold and mildew.

5. Higher Utility Bills

Water intrusion in the attic can damage the insulation as it become saturated with water. If a roof leak repair is put off for a long time, chronic water intrusion will deplete the insulation significantly and your home will lose hot and cool air.