We have so many men and women to thank for maintaining the safety of our great Nation. And we must always remember that with every individual who chooses to fight for our freedom, their is also a family left behind who stands alongside them. Therefore, when it comes to opportunities to give back to those who have bravely sacrificed so much for our country oftentimes you do not have to look far.

Recently Legacy had the chance to donate a new gutter system to an employee, Katelyn Bland, and her family. Her husband, Alex Bland, has proudly served in the Minnesota Army National Guard since December 2003. He left for his 3rd tour of duty in Afghanistan right before the family received this donation, however they were able to share the good news with them across the miles.

"I have never worked for a company like Legacy," said Katelyn Bland. "The multitude of admirable contributions to the communities we serve has always been a huge piece of why I love being part of the Legacy family. We are overwhelmed with gratitude and joy by their donation to our family. I couldn't ask for a better team to serve beside. Thank you again!"

While we honor those who serve each year on Veterans Day, we do not have to wait to show our gratitude to them or their respective families. Thank you Alex, all who protect our freedoms and the families who support your service - may our gratitude always be shown!