Case Studies: Repairing Ceiling with Water Damage in Inver Grove Heights, MN


Recently a customer called into Legacy Restoration with newly occurring ceiling damage. Legacy conducted a free, no-obligation inspection to see the origin of the damage. Legacy discovered that the ceiling cracking was actually coming from water penetrating the roof due to faulting shingles.



With additional research – it was noted that this customer was in the midst of a recent storm. Legacy and the customer’s insurance adjuster came to the conclusion that roof damage due to a recent storm was the culprit. The customer will have the interior ceiling repairs along with their roof and other damage elements of their home covered by their insurance. Legacy will be doing the repairs on this home and looks forward to helping this family restore their home back to pre-storm condition.

Ceiling damage starting to occur due to a leaking roof

The leaking roof causing this interior damage was harmed by a recent storm