Case Studies: Siding Replacement Project in Mound, MN


This homeowner wanted more from their curb appeal and at first thought they’d just remove the old shutters and replace with new ones. After realizing that might not do the trick, they called on the professionals. The representative at Legacy Restoration saw they had significant aging to various portions of their home – especially when it came to their siding.



The Legacy Team was able to show the homeowner per renderings of what their home would look like with the suggested updates being made. The customer was so thrilled with the possibility of a complete new look!  It’s important to highlight that a partial replacement of old vinyl siding panels, which had been damaged by the elements over time, would only cause the home to receive further damage in the future.  All systems within a home will affect one another – such as how a gutter system will protect your new siding!


Project Summary

Legacy Restoration LLC: Siding, gutters


After: The home has a fresh new look through some exterior restoration including all new vinyl siding

Before: The home had aged shutters, gutters, vinyl siding and more