Donating 3 Roofs in Colorado to Ensure Safe Places to Call Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has steadily impacted the health, safety and livelihoods of our communities. While life and work has looked a little different amidst the pandemic, we know there has never been a more crucial time to remain true to one of our core values – giving back to the communities we serve. Our most recent giveback will ensure 3 families in Colorado continue enjoying a safe place to call home while this recover from illness and financial hardship.

As one of our Colorado Service Representatives was inspecting homes in the Aurora area for storm damage, and what he found was much more critical than anticipated. These homes had significant damages with water leakage putting them in unsafe living condition.

The homes belonged to a local landlord who has given much of her time to taking care of her significant other who is battling cancer. This had left little time and resources for repairs to the properties she owned. Recognizing that her tenants had been experiencing financial hardships due to the pandemic and to comply properly with eviction policies, she temporarily forgave rent payments to allow her tenants to have a safe place to call home.

“I quickly got to know the homeowner while doing the initial property inspection. I found out that she used to work for the city of Aurora, and I could tell she was a great member of the community right from the get-go,” noted Marcel Green, Legacy Service Rep.

After a conversation with the homeowner’s insurance, it was understood that only a small portion of the restoration project would be covered, leaving the homeowner with large bills to foot on her own during an already trying time for her family and during the pandemic.

Legacy saw this as a give-back opportunity and got in touch with our partners at American Family to get approval to donate the materials and install work for the uncovered portion of the 3 projects. American Family graciously approved, and we were able to begin finalizing the project.

“It was never a question of if, but only how, we could help a member of the community in need,” says Green. “That is why I love the company I work for, and most of all respect my team members!”

Legacy was able to fully restore the roofs of the 3 properties allowing for her to maintain tenants and avoid a devastating fee for her family.

“It started with a door knock, and turned into a great relationship. We are in the process of re-roofing 3 more properties for our client’s mother and I am so happy to have them as my clients and friends! This has been such a fun project and I  am proud to be a member of the Legacy team and look forward to many more give backs,” Green adds!

Final roof product on 1 property.

During the roof install project.

During the skylight install. Before the skylight install.