Three Signs You May Need a New Gutter System

Three Signs That You May Need a New Gutter System

Living in an area where the weather is almost always one extreme or another, it is inevitable that the exterior of your home will need a little TLC. And sometimes, we know that a repair is just not going to cut it. Replacing the given system can actually be the better and more financially responsible option than repetitive repairs.

Gutters are one of the most important preventative tools on the exterior of your home. They allow water to drain away from your home – preventing water damage to your roofing and interior as well as potential flooding. But, because they are not as noticeable as windows, roofing or siding they are often overlooked and aren’t replaced or repaired as often as they could or should be.

When is a good time for me to replace my gutter system?

1. Rusty gutters – While there are countless products on the market to clean and repair rusty objects, inevitably the rust always prevails. If you wait long enough, it will eventually wear through and cause you a costly repair job.

The good news is, a properly installed gutter system should hardly, if ever, get rusty. There should be enough slant in the system that allows for the water to carry and drain properly and preventing any pooling or prolonged exposure to water, causing rust.

If you’re noticing your gutters have rust building up and have noticed pooling water or poor-functioning gutter system, it may be time for a new install!

2. Sagging gutters – Because of their metal make-up, sagging gutters are actually quite abnormal. It takes a lot for gutters to warp in a way that makes them unsafe or dysfunctional. Normally, we can chalk this up to improper installation, extremely inclement weather and maybe advanced aging. In any case, if there is warping in your gutter system, give us a call!

3. Outdated or inefficient system – It could be that your gutter system is original to the home, OR it even could be that you find yourself cleaning or maintain the gutter system more than you’d prefer. Either way, it is OK to want a new and improved gutter system. Many people are opting, these days, for seamless gutters which are much easier to clean and less likely to break or have need for repairs down the road.

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