Case Studies: Roof & Hail Damage in Buffalo, MN



From the ground level it did not appear that this customer had truly experienced any significant damage during a recent hail storm. With that being said, the customer was pretty positive they didn’t need to take any further steps post-storm. Even if they had inspected their roof, it’s often difficult for the untrained eye to truly spot hail damage.

So if you can’t really “see” the damage from the ground, why is there a need to fix anything? Without addressing even small amounts of storm damage in a timely manner, homeowners can be left with costly repairs in the future. If items wait too long to be repaired there is a great chance they will not be covered under an insurance policy which otherwise would have covered the repairs.



A storm damage expert from Legacy Restoration knew the home was in the middle of a hail hit area and suggested conductiong a free, no-obligation roof inspection. After the inspection, it was clear to see the customer had indeed suffered hail damage. The Legacy rep met with the customer insurance adjuster who agreed that the roof needed to be replaced in order to ensure the home remained sound and the value was maintained.

Legacy was able to work with the customer’s insurance company in order to obtain a full roof replacement under their policy. The homeowner selected a beautiful new shingle color to really give them the new curb appeal they wanted. Now the homeowner has a stunning new roof and the¬†integrity of their home has been fully restored.


Project Summary

Legacy Restoration LLC: Shingle Roof ReplacementLegacy Restoration LLC: Hail Damage RepairsLegacy Restoration LLC: Insurance Claims Assistance


Can you spot the hail damage from the ground level of this home?

Oftentimes it takes an experienced Storm Damage Expert to inspect your roof in order to spot damages. Even seemingly small hail hits can cause major headaches in the future and must be addressed in a timely manner.

Look at this beautiful new roof which has replaced the storm damaged shingles!