MN Team Making a Global Impact: Over 60,000 Meals Packed to Help End Hunger

Our Minnesota team made a global impact this week as we took a break from business as usual during the busy storm season and packed meals to help in the fight against extreme hunger in developing countries.

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) has been providing meals for children around the world for 35 years and providing opportunities for community volunteers to work in a team setting as they package and prepare these meals for shipment. Since 2015, Legacy Restoration has been a charitable partner with FMSC in MN. FMSC’s MN locations have a 2022 goal of packing over 444 million meals and delivering to over 70 countries. Our teams gathered in the Coon Rapids and Chanhassen warehouses this Tuesday and through excellent team work they brought our local charitable partner over 60,000 meals closer to their goal. In less than 2 hours our teams were able to provide 169 children with meals for an entire year! We wrapped up this team volunteer event with a picnic style lunch fromĀ Apple Spice.


Take a look at the impact Legacy teams at both FMSC warehouse locations made:

‘Team Chanhassen’ packed 83 boxes which equates to 41,832 meals which will feed 114 children for an entire year!

‘Team Coon Rapids’ packed 44 boxes which equates to 22,176 meals which will feed 55 children for an entire year!

We thanks team members at both locations for taking time during the busiest season of the year to stop, reflect on our Company Constitution, vision and values in order to give back.


Working with Feed My Starving Children is such a rewarding experience for our team and we highly encourage or community members to participate this rewarding experience! You can visit to see how you can get involved!