What Are The Benefits of Gutters? What Happens If You Don’t Have Them?

We know that being a homeowner comes with responsibilities. These duties extend both inside and outside the home. A little forward-thinking can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Gutters are a guaranteed feature in any house. However, it is the kind of ongoing maintenance and care you give them that will prevent you from experiencing issues.

A gutter’s primary job is to prevent damaging rainwater from gathering on your roof’s surface. Well-functioning gutters divert rainwater and debris away from not only the roof but also the foundation of your home. Without working gutters, you may experience several big-time issues.

This article highlights seven benefits of functional gutters and some problems you want to avoid.

Prevent Possible Erosion 

Do you know just how important the soil around your home is? In fact, that soil safeguards your foundation from potential damage. Homes that meet the requirements of local building codes will be constructed on a slight incline, which encourages water and other debris away from the foundation of the building, reducing the risk of damage. Without gutters, water will drench the soil below which will cause it to break up and erode over time. Subsequently, the incline will wear down and no longer prevent water from running toward the structure and foundation of the home. That doesn’t sound good, right? What follows could be cracked walls, structural damage, chimney damage, and flooding. 

Prevent Structural & Foundational Damage

Speaking of structural damage, having poorly functioning gutters—or even worse, none at all—can wreak havoc on the foundation and structure of your home. Without them, rainwater accumulates on the house’s roof rather than dissipating. As a result, your home’s roof and foundation may eventually sustain damage. If water penetrates your roof, it can spread to the house’s foundation, basement, attic, and other areas. Shingles, soffit, and fascia boards can deteriorate and become water damaged.

But it doesn’t stop there. Cracks in the foundation, wood rot, black mold, and roof leaks are examples of long-term damage, some of which might be permanent. We are not highlighting these issues to scare you, we promise! At Legacy Restoration, we understand how vital knowledge is to preventing damage and financial costs, not to mention stress!

If you’re unsure if your home or building has structural damage, get in touch for a free inspection

Prevent Basement Flooding 

As you can imagine, the saturated soil we previously mentioned is going to be heavy. This heavy soil filled with water has nowhere to go and immensely pressures your home’s foundation. Over time, cracks may start to form in the house’s foundation, causing water to seep through.

Keeping on top of gutter maintenance and ensuring they’re functioning properly will help avoid such a mess. It’s not all about flooding either, excessive moisture promotes mold growth, which is not only a nuisance to remove, but is also dangerous.

By having an expert restoration company install and maintain functional gutters, you can rest assured your basement and its contents are safe and sound. 

Protects the Siding of Your Home 

As you now know, a lack of functional gutters prevents water from efficiently draining away from your home. Another victim in this is your siding! Dirt, debris, and other small particles get swept away with rainwater and spill down onto your sliding, leaving unsightly stains.

It’s not just an issue from an aesthetic perspective, either. Depending on what material your siding is made of, such as Vinyl or LP Smartside Wood, damage can be caused that may leave holes or cause rot. Untreated damage to your siding can lead to even more issues that can compromise the structural integrity of your home, some of which may be very difficult to repair. 

Prevent Mold Growth 

You can avoid mold growth with functional gutters. Mold growth may occur if your gutters are insufficient for whatever reason, such as a lack of maintenance or age. It is easy to visualize the damage that could be caused when the water has nowhere to go. Mold growth is caused by excessive moisture and leaking. We discussed above how this may affect your basement.

But that isn’t the only scenario; mold can also grow on your gutters, too! Segmented gutters are a feature of older gutter installations. Since they don’t have enough ventilation to stay dry in between downpours, mold is able to easily grow there. This may not be immediately noticeable from the ground view, so you’ll want to schedule routine inspections. 

Protect Against Insect Infestations 

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of stagnant water is insects. Many bugs including pesky mosquitoes love stagnant water. It becomes their breeding ground. This water build-up is inevitable if your gutters are clogged and unable to carry water away from the surface of the roof.

If an infestation was to occur, you can already imagine the hassle of getting it taken care of. You’ll need an exterminator as they will be the only ones to guarantee it’s completely taken care of. After that, it would be a good idea to have your roof inspected by one of our expert roofers to figure out how to rectify any issues with your gutters and roofing. Avoid it all with well-installed gutters that help prevent any water build-up. 

Protect Your Landscape & Garden Beds

Your gardens could be a source of pride and joy for you. Watching the spring bulbs break through the soil gives us the excitement of the warmer weather and stunning blossoms that are just getting ready to bloom. It would be such a disappointment and headache should something halt this process in its steps.

Soggy soil and grass because of overflowing and clogged gutters can completely ruin your landscape and gardening efforts. Having functional gutters will allow up to have the garden you envisaged, all year round.

Your Next Steps

So, now you know just how important having practical and functional gutters are to all areas of your home. Now what? We are happy you asked! Fill out the form below or click to find out more about our Gutter Replacement Services.