Is It Better To Repair Or Replace Your Roof?

We all try to find the most cost-effective solution possible; homeowners are no exception to this. Owning a house, as you may know, is a lifelong commitment that requires continuous upkeep, maintenance, and management. The condition of your roof is top of the list as one of the most important to keep an eye on. After all, old, deteriorating, or damaged roofs can lead to many problems.

A question you may find yourself asking is whether it is time to replace your roof or will a repair suffice this time. The team of expert roofers at Legacy Restoration has compiled a list of probable reasons for a repair to your roof would be a good option. Not only that, we’ll provide you with a list of causes for a roof replacement, too. 

Reasons You May Want To Repair Your Roof

We definitely don’t want to be using a band-aid solution for a much bigger and more serious issue. However, there are a couple of reasons carrying out a repair of your roof is a good option. 

You Have Minimal Roof Damage

There are plenty of instances where a roof repair is the most reasonable solution. Your roof may not be old enough to consider a replacement if the damage is inconsequential. Small leaks, shingles coming loose or falling, roof flashing or insulation repairs are all pretty manageable without having to invest in a full replacement. We understand that this can be hard to judge without an expert’s eye. Why not book a free inspection with Legacy Restoration today? We can assess the damage and give our professional opinion on if a repair or replacement would be the best option. 

You Had a New Roof Installed Recently 

It goes without saying that if you have recently updated your roof, the last thing you’d want to think about is doing it all again! An installed roof by a reputable and reliable roofing company is going to be fit to last. Try to get the most out of the investment you made by repairing your roof where possible. Typically, a roof replacement should last you between 25-50 years, meaning it isn’t too likely you’ll have to go through replacing your roof more than once. 

You’re On a Tight Budget

Having your roof repaired rather than replaced might be a decision that is out of your hands at the moment. After all, a full replacement carried out is a financial investment you might not be in a position to make. If you’re on a tight budget, chat with a roofing contractor to find out ALL your options. Hopefully, they can come up with a short-term solution repair that will see you through until you’re in the financial position to replace it. 

You Want To Keep Your Homes Classic Aesthetic 

If you live in a house with classic architecture, you might be hesitant to replace the entire roof, as it will undoubtedly change the overall look of your home. Typically, you would want to maintain your authentic roof as long as possible. Experienced roofers will discuss with you the options available including the possibility of only carrying out repairs, or a part replacement. 

Reasons You Should Replace Your Roof

Having your whole roof replaced isn’t a decision you’ll take lightly. It’s important to understand exactly what circumstances warrant a replacement so that you know you’re making an informed decision. Here are some instances to consider: 

There is Extensive Damage 

You may not even need an expert opinion to know when it’s definitely time to replace your roof! Some damage will be so excessive that you’ll know it’s time to get a quote for a roof replacement. Although small holes in your roof can be easily repaired, substantial damage or holes will probably require a replacement. If you choose to repair a roof that really should be replaced, you’ll inevitably run into more issues and have to get the replacement, anyway.  

Your Roof Is Old

There are only so many patch-up jobs you can do to an old roof. An experienced roofer may advise you that you’re throwing money down the drain by carrying out repairs to a roof that has come to the end of its lifespan. Your best bet is to get some quotes for this inevitable roof replacement. 

You See Sagging or Drooping

Any sagging of your roof usually indicates structural damage or an accumulation of moisture and possible future wood rot. Ice dams, snow, and debris all add extra weight to the roof which can cause strain to the rafters and joists. A drooping roof can be really dangerous and is your tale tell sign that it is time to have your roof replaced. 

You Don’t Have a Compliant Roof 

A building code is a set of regulations that specifies the standards for built objects such as buildings and non-building structures. Buildings must adhere to the code in order to gain planning permission, which is usually granted by a local council. Should you decide to sell your home in the future and your roof does not meet current building codes, you may face issues. It would be no harm to ask an expert if your current roof complies with the local building code, and would a replacement be the best option.

You Want Extra Peace of Mind

What beats your peace of mind?! We know that being in the financial position to replace your roof isn’t a given. However, having your roof replaced can give you the solace of knowing that you won’t have to worry about it for the next 25+ years at least. If you have been experiencing ongoing issues with your roof, with repairs taking place year to year, it might be time to take the plunge. A reliable and trustworthy roofing company will not push you into any decision. They will lay out all your options so that you can make an informed decision yourself. 

Your Next Steps 

At Legacy Restoration, we take pride in not only our workmanship but the time we take with each one of our valued customers to help them make the right choices for themselves and their homes.

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