Case Studies: Hail Damage Inspection After a Storm


It’s important to check the exterior of your home for any signs of damage after a storm. Sometimes damage can be easy to spot in areas like air conditioning systems, vinyl siding, gutters and garage doors. However, oftentimes damage can be more difficult to see and takes an expert’s eye to spot. If you are finding noticable damage in areas around your home like this, then it’s likely that you have roof damage you’re unable to see as well.



Legacy Restoration provides a dedicated Storm Damage Expert who specializing in looking for damage that you may not be able to see. Our professional inspectors will assess all exterior damage – even taking a look at your roof and other areas you may be unable to safely inspect on your own.

If storm damage is present, we will work with your insurance to ensure we are able to restore your home to pre-storm conditions.

Hail damage to exterior air conditioning

Hail damage on garage door