Case Studies: Shingle Roof Replacement from Hail Damage in Chaska, MN


A large hail storm hit Chaska, Minnesota this summer. While some customers called in to have Legacy Restoration inspect the damage on their roofs, other individuals in the same area were hit with hail and did not feel they incurred any damage.

Oftentimes homeowners may feel that if vehicles do not have damage, and you cannot really see much detail from the ground, then there is no need to have any repairs made. It is always in your best interest to have an expert fully inspect your home for any hail damage that the exterior may have incurred. Timeliness is of great importance in this process.



Legacy Restoration’s storm damage experts provided this customer with a free, no-obligation inspection and found significant hail damage on their roof. If left unaddressed this damage could have continued to lessen the integrity of this home.

Thankfully this customer had the damage caught in time and a full roof replacement was completed before any damage trickled into the interior of the home. Now the value of the home has actually risen due to the improvements made.


Project Summary

Legacy Restoration LLC: Shingle Roof ReplacementLegacy Restoration LLC: Hail Damage RepairsLegacy Restoration LLC: Insurance Claims Assistance
The customer was grateful to have Legacy’s storm damage experts provide a full inspection of their home


The old weathered roof which had incurred hail damage


The new color selection the homeowner made to add curb appeal post-storm