Case Studies: Weathered Roofing Leaves Your Home Vulnerable to the Elements


Oftentimes, even if a storm didn’t produce a torrent of rain or seemingly substantial hail, wind alone can cause enough damage to your roof to warrant repair or replacement. So after a tornado, thunderstorm, hailstorm or any large storm, it is important to check the condition of your roof. If left unaddressed, like this home, multiple storms will leave your roof weathered and your home vulnerable to further damage.



Assessing the condition of your roof from ground level can be difficult, which is why a restoration company like Legacy Restoration was an immediate asset to this customer. From the ground they could see that they could benefit from a new roof, however they also knew that they would not be able to make a large investment at the time. Legacy was able to provide a free, no-obligation inspection on their roof and determined that recent storm damage was done and an insurance claim could be filed.

The homeowner was beyond satisfied with Legacy Restoration’s persistence and assistance when it came to working with their insurance company. They were thrilled to also have our team deliver high-quality work on their new roof.

This weathered roof was causing the elements to begin harming the interior of the home

Roofing crew removing the old roof and prepping for a new one

The new roof not only looks great, but it will also protect their home from further element damage